Meditation Monday 3/13/17


For this "Meditation Monday" just a 30 sec video of a crackling fire to help you get re-centered from the business of the day. For added benefit, focus on the silence. No need to try and turn the volume up…


Frequency Friday 3/10/17


For this "Frequency Friday" a demonstration of using a spectrograph to see and determine the frequency of one of my hand hammered antique Tibetan singing bowls (410.2 hz, G# ) This also shows SPL and oscilloscope views of the sound…


Meditation Monday 3/6/17

Specific frequencies of sound and vibration in Cymatics create a vorticular action in matter and therefore the very structure of spacetime itself as all matter is made of atoms which themselves are tiny oscilations in the structure of the vacuum...


Water Wednesday 3/1/17


For this "Water Wednesday" a tranquil moment that I captured in between recording takes at Vallecito river deep in the Weminuche wilderness just west of the continental divide in Colorado, USA. Also, a water quote:

"Water flows from high in…

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